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Icelandic horse

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I only work with law, regarding horses. I am a specialist regarding advice and guidance on the purchase/sale/loan/rental of horses, negotiation of terms, drafting of contracts and clauses, assistance in the event that a dispute arises, settlement negotiations and conduct of legal and arbitration proceedings.


For more than 28 years, in my work as a lawyer, I have exclusively dealt with buyer's rights, insurance and compensation law, adviser liability, professional liability and procedural law - with horses as my main focus.


Animals and nature are my passion, and I myself have ridden all my life. Therefore, it was only natural that on 1 October 2011 I established myself as an independent, specialized lawyer, with a focus on law relating to horses.


First of all, my goal is to help avoid conflicts about horses. Therefore, I have decided to publish free-to-use guides on buying and selling of horses and some purchase contract forms, health declarations and other documents, which are easy to download and use.


If disputes arise, I assist the client in finding a solution as quick, fair and flexible as possible; always with a focus on the horse's welfare.

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